Do not forget to bring documents for all arriving guests. Upon arrival, we will ask you to sign the guest with your card details and scan the documents. To register for you will need:

For guests from Russia:

For foreign guests

– passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation with registration
– birth certificate for guests under 14 years old

For foreign guests

– passport of a foreign citizen
– migration card
– visa / residence permit

Answers to popular questions

Guests are registered not only with us, but also in all hotels in Russia. The new registration rules are in effect from 2019. We are required to comply with the law. Otherwise, we run the risk of receiving heavy fines for violating registration requirements. For foreigners, registration at a hotel does not affect the main registration in the Russian Federation
No. License, passport, military ID and other certificates are not suitable.
We are obliged to register all guests who stay with us. We expect to accommodate as many adults and children as you indicated when booking a room on the website.
No, we will ask you to show the original documents for all guests.
Without documents, according to the law, we have no right to accept you. We will have to refuse your check-in without a refund for your booking.