Hunting organization

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The gathering of hunters is carried out at the place and at the time determined by the hunter at the preliminary meeting with the hunters. During the gathering of hunters, the following procedures are mandatory:

Weapon safety briefing

1. The owner of the weapon must treat the weapon as if it were loaded and ready to fire.
2. Start firing a weapon only after studying its device, the order of interaction of its components, methods of disassembly, assembly of loading and unloading, methods of aiming and firing, as well as these Rules.
3. Observe the safety requirements set out in the passport (operating instructions) of a specific weapon.
4. Check the barrel bores before and after firing for foreign objects and, if necessary, remove them.
5. In the event of a misfire, open the bolt of the weapon not earlier than after 5 seconds, in order to avoid the consequences of a prolonged shot when the bolt is open.
6. Transport the weapon unloaded and packed in a shipping container, case, or case. During transportation and transportation, cartridges can be packed in one closure with a weapon without being chambered, magazine equipment or drum.
7. It is strictly forbidden to point a weapon at a person, even if it is not loaded, or towards people, pets, buildings and structures.
8. Force the cartridge into the barrel chamber or hammer it in.
9. Shoot from unstable positions or simultaneously from two barrels of double-barreled weapons.
10. Use cartridges not intended for firing this type of weapon.
11. Use for shooting defective cartridges, cartridges with expired shelf life and axial cartridges, or cartridges equipped with items not intended for use as striking elements.
12. Carry out the carrying, transportation and use of weapons, as well as equipping cartridges in a state of intoxication (alcoholic, narcotic and other), under the influence of drugs that endanger the safety of the owner of the weapon and the people around him.

Hunting location

The hunting location is indicated by the game manager on the map, depending on the type and time of hunting, as well as the number of hunters.

Hunting signals

The signal for the start of the hunt is a double shot of the hunting rifle. The signal for the end of the hunt is the sound of a hunting horn.

Documents, Safety Briefing Log

Mandatory documents for participants in any hunt in hunting grounds: 1. Valid hunting ticket
2. A valid hunting permit

After the briefing, in the safety briefing log, in the appropriate columns, the series and number of the hunting ticket, expiration date, surname and initials of the hunter are filled in. all rules of handling weapons and behavior on the hunt.